A new identity and guidelines for
men’s adventure retailer Huckberry

Brand Identity & Brand Guidelines

Huckberry’s existing mark had gone unchanged since the company's founding, outliving its original intent. The men’s adventure retailer wanted to modernize their brand identity and create guidelines to bring continuity to their aesthetic and voice, ultimately to drive growth for the next chapter of the brand.


No matter how you define it, adventure usually begins and ends in the quiet periods of twilight known as the Blue Hour. It became the guiding mantra for the new identity and brand voice. Visually, ephemera from the golden era of recreation was the inspiration — classic and familiar without feeling faux-heritage.

References spanning typography and iconography

The New Huckberry

The decision to refresh Huckberry’s original tree icon rather than a totally new approach was a strategic one — leveraging the equity built over the brand’s first decade in business.

The re-designed icon, paired with a delightfully clunky wordmark, results in an elevated identity that works as well on a boot sole as sewn into a wool blazer.

Brand Guidelines

Storytelling is the core of Huckberry’s business, and the brand guidelines document in in service of building Huckberry's world. Franklin Gothic Condensed became the brand’s primary typeface due to its editorial history and legibility — Its subtle irregularities make it complementary to the new hand-drawn wordmark. Each swatch in the color palette connects to outdooor culture, and e-commerce photography conveys authenticity.

Continued Growth

The new Huckberry mark comes to life from digital to print, as well as physically with the brand’s first popup in New York City. A revamped e-commerce experience and Huckberry’s own line of branded goods have followed the identity refresh, driving a 20% sales increase company-wide.

The guidelines supplied by Strange Practice have remained at the heart of the brand’s visual language, even amidst changes within the company — a corporate move from San Francisco to Austin, new creative leadership, etc — providing a crucial set of tools for Huckberry’s continued growth year after year.

Working with Strange Practice on the Huckberry rebrand was a dream. In addition to being wildly creative, Jordan has no ego, is a great listener and highly strategic, and works his ass off... It’s why Strange Practice has become my go-to creative agency.”

Andy Forch
Huckberry Co-founder


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