Filson is the original Klondike gold rush brand, supplying outdoorsmen and women with overbuilt clothing for 125 years. Strange Practice has worked on a wide range of projects, helping elevate the brand from cult status to recognizable worldwide. Although the Filson’s visual language has continued to evolve with time, this work has remained the building block their brand identity.
Art Direction
Creative direction by Maurizio Donadi & Alex Carleton
Additional art direction by Danny Harmon
Additional work by Partners & Spade
Photograph by Peter Sutherland for Filson
Acquisition and a new visual approach
After Filson was acquired by Bedrock Manufacturing, their dusty image needed to be updated to speak to a younger demographic — even internally the brand referred to itself as an “attic find.” Every corner of the brand’s visual language was scrutinized and triaged for updates. Product photography, labeling, packaging, signage — each was simplified, stripping away any unnecessary decoration, and slowly built back using the brand’s rich archive as a model.
A vintage advertisment for Land Rover
A vintage advertisment for Land Rover
Circa 1900 Filson catalog drawings used a template for revamped product photography
Heritage in high definition
The main challenge was keeping the brand’s soul in-tact when creating new assets — matching the originals as closely as possible. Filson’s cult following (and recent discovery by a new generation) was spurred by it's distinct aesthetic. It was key to find new ways to use brand codes that have existed, in some cases, for over 100 years.
Heritage marks, remastered for modern use
Art direction
Print catalogs and e-commerce account for a large percentage of the brand’s sales, and both demand constantly updated product and editorial imagery. Filson manufactures products that last a lifetime, so it’s important to emphasize not only the heavyweight materials, but the aging process of the garments. Always lit with natural light, prioritizing authenticity.
Design work for Filson has an emphasis on clean lines and vintage-inspired typography, embracing the funky and handmade. It’s important that the graphic work is allowed to patina naturally in its environment, rather than applying faux-vintage textures to simulate age.

Since 2012, Strange Practice has supplied Filson with countless apparel graphics, signage work, catalog work, marketing materials, and more.