Horizons East

Horizons East is the 11th studio album from Thrice. The details in the packaging are expansive. The artwork uses ChromaDepth® colors, which create a stereoscopic effect when viewed through supplied lenses.

The vinyl packaging features a die-cut back cover, blind embossed on both sides, and a printed inner sleeve — there are no unprinted surfaces in the packaging. The initial pressing ships with a folded pair of ChromaDepth glasses — the lenses exaggerate chromatic aberration and give the illusion that colors are taking up different positions in 3D space. The red tones move to the front, blue tones to the back, and every other color in the spectrum is staggered in the middle ground. Because the technology doesn't need the reds and blues to be staggered like traditional 3D, the artwork isn't reliant on glasses to be viewed. The same concept carried into the band's music videos and live show — colored lights being used to extend the space in the room for fans wearing the glasses.


Live show visuals by Lenny Sasso

Videos by Jason Link

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Examples of ChromaDepth in motion

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