Uniform is the first monograph from acclaimed photographer John Keatley. While the heavily stylized portraits are distinct individuals, they are all part of one unidentifiable unit. The project blurs the lines of age, gender, and race — a multifaceted social commentary.

Book Design

Bold, Minimal, Tactile

Uniform’s presentation is inspired by the images inside - bold, minimal, and tactile. It is available in two versions: a standard cloth-bound hardback release as well as a collector’s edition, boasting a cloth-bound slipcase, and a portfolio with a limited edition print of the cover image. The final product was officially released at Seattle’s Museum of Museums in late 2019.

“Keatley encourages all who come into contact with Uniform to discuss the correlation between emotional detachments from members of the military and the effects of war and everyday Americans.”
— Treason Gallery

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