Men’s retailer Huckberry approached Strange Practice to reimagine their brand identity and create guidelines to bring continuity to their aesthetic and voice — with exponential growth year after year since launch, Huckberry’s existing mark had outlived its intent.

Brand Identity & Brand Guidelines

“Scattering the morning dew”

Adventure, no matter how you define it, usually begins and ends in the quiet periods of twilight known as The Blue Hour — when the early morning dew hasn't yet burned off or late evening campfire just begins to catch. It became the guiding mantra, ultimately sculpting the approach to the new Huckberry. Adventure icons like Land Rover’s Defender and classic outdoor gear (and their supporting ephemera) became the inspiration for Huckberry’s new identity.

A vintage advertisment for Land Rover
Original Huckberry mark, 2011-2018
A vintage advertisment for Land Rover
Original Huckberry mark, 2011-2018
Two kayaks in a river at twilight shown as an example of The Blue Hour
Vintage typographic inspiration

New Identity

After several rounds of exploration, it was decided that a modernized refresh of the brand’s beloved tree icon was the strategically best answer, banking on the equity built over the brand's first decade. The reworked icon, paired with a new delightfully clunky, vintage-inspired wordmark resulted in an elevated identity that lives as comfortably on a boot sole as it does sewn into a wool blazer. The final lockup feels both modern and heritage.



Rock-Solid Guidelines

Storytelling is at the core of Huckberry's business model— the brand's well-read online journal helps set them apart in a crowded retail landscape. Franklin Gothic Condensed was chosen as the brand's primary typeface for it's editorial history and legibility. Originally drawn in the early 1900s, it has subtle irregularities that make it a complimentary pair brand's new wordmark. The brand's color palette also tell's a story - each swatch is connected to the outdoors and Huckberry's culture, including a nod to another native San Franciscan.

The guidelines have remained at the heart of the brand's visual language, even amidst changes within the company — a corporate move from San Francisco to Austin, new creative leadership, etc — providing a toolkit for Huckberry’s continued growth.

Brand In The Wild

From new physical catalogs and digital ad styles to the brand’s first brick-and-mortar popup store on New York City's famed Bleecker Street, the brand guidelines have to come to life. Huckberry continues to grow through a relaunch of their e-commerce experience and their own line of branded goods, including regular collaborations with heritage brands.

“Working with Strange Practice on the Huckberry rebrand was a dream. In addition to being wildly creative and original, Jordan has no ego, is a great listener and highly strategic, and works his ass off... It's why Strange Practice has become my go-to creative agency.”

Andy Forch

Huckberry co-founder

Imagery © Huckberry

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